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Tire label example

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What do the tire numbers mean?

42-622Tire width 42 mm, tire inner diameter 622 mm (ETRTO standard)
28x1.60Tire outer diameter 28", tire width 1.60" (ca. 41 mm) (English designation)
700x40CTire outer diameter 700 mm, tire width 40 mm, tire height C = ca. 39 mm (French designation)
HS484Tread specification (not relevant for the choice of the tube)
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Suitable tubes according to manufacturer's specifications

Rim tapes

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where does the hole in the tube come from? I don't see any spiky object stuck in the casing/tire.

If the tube has a hole on the outside of the wheel, toward the casing, a common cause is a sharp object, such as a shard of glass or piece of wire, that first drilled through the casing and caused the hole in the tube. The sharp object usually falls off again and can no longer be seen later.

For me, putting on puncture protection tires, which are tires with an extra protective layer underneath the tread, worked wonders and permanently solved the problem.

My tube repeatedly has a hole on the inside of the wheel. However, the tire casing has no damage. What can be the reason for this?

It is possible that the rim tape on the rim has slipped sideways or is no longer intact. The rim tape covers the rim holes under which the wheel spoke fasteners are located. In this case, I would renew the rim tape. The best experience I have made with a self-adhesive rim tape, because it cannot slip so easily.

To my tire size I am shown quite a few different tubes. Can I use the listed tubes without further thought to possible differences?

Basically any tube listed here can be used. Since the tubes are expandable, they are suitable for several tire widths and some tire diameters. Regarding valves, see next question.

Dunlop valve, Woods valve, English valve, Sclaverand valve, French valve, Presta bike valve, Automotive valve, Car valve, Schrader bike valve, MTB valve, American valve, SV valve – What bicycle valve types are there and what do they mean?

The automotive valve is often abbreviated as AV valve. Equivalent terms are car valve, Schrader valve, MTB valve and American valve.

The Dunlop valve, or DV valve for short, is also known as Woods valve and English valve.

The Sclaverand valve, or SV valve for short, is also called French valve and Presta bike valve.

For more info, see the blog article on bike valves.

Which tube is the best for my road bike, city bike, trekking bike, mountain bike, Dutch bike, folding bike, e-bike, pedelec, children's bike, youth bike, wheelchair, unicycle, or bicycle trailer?

The important thing is that the tube has the right size. Otherwise, it does not matter.


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